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In the lead up to your first solo, you will learn all aspects of flight necessary for you to go solo and how to handle normal and abnormal situations. The hours required for you to complete before your first solo flight will vary depending on the frequency of your lessons and your skill.


Students flying regularly should expect to complete their First Solo after approximately 12 hours. You must be at least 15 years old to undertake your first solo flight.


Before your first solo flight you will need to pass the Pre-Solo Theory Exam and an aviation medical, your instructor will be able to guide you through this process.

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Once you have completed your first training area solo, you will complete further advanced training to refine and improve on your aircraft general handling.

Successful completion of the Recreation Pilots Licence Test (RPL) will indicate that you are competent to fly the aeroplane to the required standard. However you are yet to learn the art of navigation over long distances.

The RPL is the first official pilot licence you will attain, and the privileges that go with it can be exercised immediately, once signed off by the Flight Examiner. As the holder of a RPL, you are able to carry passengers within the Training Areas and a 25nm radius of the aerodrome.

Prior to the RPL you will need to pass the pre-area solo exam and the RPL Theory Exam.

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Once you have completed the RPL you will learn how to navigate accurately and efficiently. You will learn the basics of navigation, map reading, cross country flying techniques and the use of various radio navigation aids.


These navigation exercises utilise the large number of aerodromes around the Canberra and Melbourne metropolitan area and also throughout Victoria and NSW. Having completed the navigation exercises, you will be ready to undertake the Private Pilot Licence Flight Test.


Prior to taking the PPL test you will need to pass the Private Pilot Theory Exam.